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In 2006,SDLG cooperated with VOLVO(one of the World Top 500),which helped the company learn the management experience and technical support from the internationally tiptop enterprise. Such move strongly boosted SDLG's internationalization progress. In October 2007,Volvo Construction Equipment signed an agreement concerning additional investment with SDLG, which greatly advanced SDLG's productivity from original 15000 units to 30000 units. Therefore, the cooperation between SDLG and Volvo is the spur for SDLG's fast-rate development. By improving product quality and management level, SDLG will continue maintaining its brand advantage in China and expanding shares in domestic market. Also, it will leverage Volvo's global resources to accelerate its internationalization process, in a bid to achieve its ultimate goal of "being Strong and Larger." 

Volvo Ocean Race, touted as the "Maritime Marathon", is the most influential sailing boat competition in the world. In 2008-2009, the Race firstly added the Asian sailing route across such regions as Kochi of India, Singapore, and Qingdao of China. SDLG served as Chinese title sponsor of Ireland "Green Dragon" fleet, which was the first time for Chinese enterprises to become one of Volvo Ocean Race's sponsors. 

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