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  • 2013-2017
  • 2003-2012
  • 1993-2002
  • 1983-1992
  • 1972-1982
  • 2017

    In February, SDLG Chairman put forward the strategy of operation transformation featuring "one center and four comprehensive points" at the conference of mobilizing the transformation and upgrading of operating system. 

    In April, SDLG held the ceremony to celebrate its 45-year anniversary. The ceremony was broadcast live online in more than 30 sub-venues in China. Nearly 100,000 users attended the ceremony on site or online. 

    In June, World Brand Summit released the Most Valuable 500 Brands in China. SDLG, whose brand value was worth 23.352 billion RMB, was included in the list for the fourth time, rising by 3.485 billion RMB. It was also the fourth time for SDLG to be included in Top 500 Brands in Asia. 

    In July, SDLG kicked off its Service Journey, bringing the free-of-charge inspection check service for the users. On October 24, the Conference of Engineering Machinery Marketing and Post-market granted the Award of Best Client Care to SDLG. 

    In July, SDLG was given the honorary title of "Best Contributors to Charity in Linyi City". SDLG Chairman Wang Zhizhong received the title of Top 10 Outstanding Philanthropists in Linyi City. 

    In September, SDLG organized the Awarding Ceremony for Best China Drivers in Beijing, which is known as the most influential charity event in the industry. 

    In September, SDLG won ANQ Award, which is the highest quality award in Asia.  

    In September, SDLG was rated as the Quality Benchmark in industrial companies in China. 

    In September, L959F loader with highest emission standard in the world was launched in BICES in Beijing, marking SDLG products again set the pace for energy-efficiency and environmental technologies.  

    In December, SDLG and China Railway Construction Group held the ceremony in SDLG Industrial Park to deliver the complete sets of products. The event showcased the strategic cooperation between SDLG and China Railway, CSCEC and other SOEs in China. 

  • 2013

    Dec. SDLG successfully held the 2nd Staff Culture and Arts Festival.

    Dec. SDLG was awarded "Outstanding Integrity Enterprise" by Propaganda Department of CPC Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee of Shandong Province.

    Nov. SDLG co-organized Annual Meeting 2013 of China Construction Machinery Industry Association in Linyi.

    Oct. SDLG held North America new products launch ceremony Turlock, California, which marked the official entry of SDLG high-end products into European and American markets.

    Aug. SDLG's Brazil factory was established and put into production; the first LG6210E excavator was launched successfully.

    Jul. SDLG initiated the "Driver of China" public welfare activity in Beijing. China's moral model Guo Mingyi attended the opening ceremony and presented flag to SDLG Caring Team.

    Mar. SDLG launched "technology reformation" activity.

    Feb. Chairman Wang Zhizhong was elected deputy to the 12th National People's Congress, and attend the first session.

    Jan. SDLG was nominated for the Governor's Quality Award of Shandong province.

  • 2014

    Dec. SDLG wins "Governor Quality Award" for practicing model of excellent performance in "year of quality improvement"

    Nov. SDLG shows tremendous technical strength at Bauma China

    Sep. "Full Process, Whole Heart" service brand launched

    Jul. The 4th SDLG Family Day was held, gathering in SDLG to fulfill SDLG dream

    Jul. SDLG makes substantial achievements in technical innovation

    Jun. SDLG shows brand value as one of Top 500 Asia Brands

    Jun. Dubai Training Base inaugurated to quicken brand globalization

    May. Secretary Wang Qishan acclaimed the innovation model of "one full, two creations and three integrations" during visiting SDLG

    Mar. Guo Mingyi boosts SDLG Public Action, " China Top Driver " sweeps across China

    Jan. Marketing elitists gather in Jinan for "second startup"

  • 2015

    In December, SDLG's IT & Industrialization Fusion Management System passed the Phase-II on-site evaluation and review by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

    In November, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance jointly released the 2015 List of National Demo Companies for Technological Innovation, which included SDLG. 

    In September, SDLG exhibited its new-generation F series loaders and excavators in BICES 2015. The products were featured by reliability, energy efficiency, comfort and aesthetics. 

    In September, 2015 China Annual Meeting of Innovative Machinery Manufacturers & Awarding Ceremony of Leading Machinery Manufacturers in China was held in Beijing. The innovative management model of SDLG won the Award of Innovative Management. 

    In September, SDLG signed agreement of strategic cooperation with large SOEs including China Railway 19 Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and China Construction Second Engineering Bureau Ltd. 

    In September, Big Data Center in School of Software of Tsinghua University, SDLG and North Valley Research signed agreement in IT Building of Tsinghua University. 

    In June, World Brand Lab released the Most Valuable 500 Brands in China. SDLG ranked No. 162 in the list and ranked No. 4 in engineering machinery industry, whose brand value was worth 15.955 billion RMB. In May, SDLG exhibited LG958L loader with CE certificate of EU in KOMATEC held in Ankara of Turkey. 

    In April, Best Thailand Drivers campaign was kicked off, marking Best China Drivers, the famous charity event developed by SDLG, made the first overseas presence. 

  • 2016

    In December, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released China's first list of Demo Manufacturing Companies with Single-item Championship. SDLG was included in the list.  

    In November, China Association for Quality released the winners of the 16th session of China Quality Award. SDLG won the first place in the list of award winners. 

    In November, SDLG launched its G9260 leveler, known as the No. 1 Leveler in China, in Bauma China held in Shanghai. SDLG products made series, cluster and differentiated development, initiated the strategy of “customizing working conditions with user experience as the core”, and provided clients with holistic and optimal solutions. 

    In November, SDLG L955F loader won the title of Boutique Product with Craftsmanship. 

    In September, Innovation Center for Industrial Big Data was established in Zhongguancun. SDLG, Tsinghua University and Peking University, among others, became the founding members of the Innovation Center. 

    In September, SDLG, because of its wonderful competency, was included in the List of Top 500 Brands in Asia for the third time, ranking No. 4 in terms of brand value of engineering machinery in China. Its brand position remained in the first tier in the industry in Asia market. 

    In June, SDLG and WWF held the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation, focusing on the Best Drivers & Environmental Volunteers campaign and encouraging more people to work on environmental protection. 

    In June, World Brand Lab released the Most Valuable 500 Brands in China. SDLG ranked No. 177 in the list, whose brand value was worth 19.867 billion RMB, rising by 3.912 billion RMB from that in 2015. 

    In April, SDLG put into use its Brazil training base, which was the third overseas training base of SDLG after those in UAE and Russia. 

    In March, SDLG Chairman Wang Zhizhong won the Award of Lifelong Achievements in China's Construction Machinery Industry at the 5th Congress of China Construction Machinery Association.  

  • 2004

    Sept. SDLG loader products were recognized as "China's Famous Products".

    Apr. SDLG was awarded "National Model Workers' Home ".

    Apr. SDLG set up the Post-Doctoral Research Station.

    Jan. Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was registered.

  • 2005

    Dec. SDLG was awarded "2nd Advanced Enterprise in Aftersales Service for National Famous Products".

    Nov. SDLG Industrial Park was put into production and the annual output and sales volume exceeded 10,000 sets.

    Sept. SDLG was entitled "National Pilot Enterprise for High Product Quality, Satisfied Aftersales Services and No Customer Complaints".

    Aug. SDLG LGB680 backhoe loader passed the provincial evaluation.

    Jun. SDLG was awarded "Star Enterprise of Shandong Province in National Patents".

  • 2006

    Jun. SDLG entered "top 50 Construction Machinery Enterprises in the World 2006".

    May. SDLG successfully developed LG655 excavator.

  • 2007

    Oct. 2007 SDLG held the first "Employee’s Family Day" activities.

    Jan. 2007 SDLG LG953 wheel loader was titled " China’s TOP50 Construction Machinery Products of the Year 2009".

  • 2008

    Dec. SDLG successfully launched its first medium-sizede Excavator LG6220.

    Jul. SDLG held new brand strategy conference in Beijing. "Reliability in Action " has become the SDLG's core concept.

    May. SDLG organized Wenchuan earthquake relief activities and donated money and disaster relief supplies valued more than 300 million RMB.

    Jan. SDLG's "large wheel loader LG979" R&D projects passed provincial evaluation.

  • 2009

    Dec. SDLG was awarded the "Mayor's Quality Award" of Linyi City.

    Nov. SDLG was designated as "Earth-Moving Machinery Research Center of Shandong Province".

    Jun. SDLG "L-series new loader products" passed the evaluation of experts.

    Mar. SDLG LG956L wheel loader was titled "China's TOP50 Construction Machinery Products of the Year 2009".

  • 2010

    Dec. SDLG was titled "Advanced Enterprise in Quality Management" by Quality Association of China.

    Nov. SDLG signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Chinese Football Association and became the major sponsor of Chinese Super League, and initiated the campaign "Lift the Dream of Football".

    Oct. SDLG's sponsorship of Chinese Super League topped the "2011 Top Ten Marketing Event in China's Construction Machinery Industry".

    Jul. SDLG held a celebration ceremony for the sales volume of new energy-saving loader exceeding 10,000 sets.

  • 2011

    Dec. SDLG Hope Primary School sponsored by SDLG in Kashi, Xinjiang Province was finished.

    Dec. SDLG won the honor of "Leading Enterprise" in building quality products production base in Shandong province.

    Dec. SDLG held new product release conference for the second-generation energy-conserving LG953N wheel loaders.

    Nov. SDLG held the first Staff Culture and Arts Festival in the theme of "Passionate SDLG - A Harmonious Home".

    Nov. SDLG was awarded " The Most Influential Brand Of China's Machinery Industry".

    Jul. SDLG gained the qualification of AAAA-class " good behavior corporate " of Shandong Province.

    Jun. SDLG was titled "Best Corporate Citizens 2010" of Shandong Province.

    Apr. SDLG won the "National Labor Award."

  • 2012

    Nov. SDLG Technology Center was recognized as "National Enterprise Technology Center" by National Development and Reform Commission.

    Jun. SDLG was titled "Pilot Enterprise" of Shandong province in the fulfillment of social responsibilities.

    Jun. SDLG's company song, lyrics by Chairman Wang Zhizhong, composed by President of the Chinese musicians' Association Zhao Jiping, was recorded in Beijing.

    May. SDLG successfully developed LG968 LNG loader.

    Apr. SDLG participated bauma exhibition for the first time and achieved fruitful results.

    Apr. SDLG and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) signed a letter of intent, to join the global" pioneer carbon reduction" plan.

    Mar. SDLG energy-saving LG953L wheel loader was awarded as "National Key New Product".

    Mar. SDLG launched "efficiency improvement year" activity.

    Feb. Wang Zhizhong, Chairman of SDLG was awarded "Person of the Year" in China's electromechanical industry.

    Jan. SDLG held the opening ceremony for the large excavator production base and the new product release conference.

  • 1994

    Dec. Shandong Linyi Engineering Machinery Factory was recognized as the 2nd class large state-owned enterprise.

    Sept. the first excavator jointly developed with Komatsu was launched.

    Mar. the company held the establishment meeting and the first Shareholder’s meeting.

    Jan. the company made shareholding system reformation and established Shandong Linyi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

  • 1995

    Dec. the company gained the “Export Quality License for Mechanical and Electrical Products” issued by the Ministry of Machine Industry of the PRC and State Administration for Import and Export Commodity Inspection.

    Oct. the company was titled "Advanced Enterprise in industrial Standardization" of Shandong Province.

    Apr. Wang Zhizhong, Chairman of SDLG, won the title of "National Model Worker".

  • 1996

    Dec. the company made restructuring and established the limited liability company – Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. The Group Company became one of the four enterprise groups directly subordinated to Linyi government.

    Jul. the company made successful trial production of PC120 excavator.

    June. the company issued the "Weili Cup Evaluation Regulations for Technological Progress Achievements".

  • 1997

    Apr. the company made mass production of ZL30 loaders after successful trial production.

    Mar. the company was recognized as "Shandong Provincial Contract Observing And Trustworthy Enterprise" by Shandong Administration for Industry & Commerce.

    Mar. the company entered “1996 Top 50 Machinery Industry Enterprise in Sales Revenue and Taxation of Shandong Province”.

  • 1998

    Dec. ZL50 wheel loader was titled “Famous Product of Shandong Province”.

    Jun. "SDLG" A shares were listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange under stock code "600162."

    Mar. SDLG passed the certification of ISO9001 quality system.

  • 1999

    Dec. the company gained the license for import and export issued by Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic cooperation, PRC.

    Dec. the company was titled "Outstanding Quality Management Enterprise in Machinery Industry of Shandong Province."

    Jul. the company developed LG120 excavator and R924 excavator.

  • 2000

    Jun. the company implemented internal reforms and changed the operational mechanism.

    Feb. the company was awarded "Model Enterprise of on-site Management of Shandong Province".

  • 2001

    Sept. the new trademark "SDLG" and the figure were officially put into use.

  • 2002

    Dec. the loader product series was awarded “Product Quality Award in Machinery Industry of Shandong Province”.

    Aug. LG120W wheeled hydraulic excavators project" was included in the “2002 National Technology Innovation Program”.

    Jul. the company was recognized as "Key Enterprise in Machinery Industry of Shandong Province".

  • 1984

    Oct. ZL50 Loader was successfully developed.

  • 1985

    Jul. the trademark "Weili" was officially registered in the Trademark Office of The State Administration for Industry & Commerce of PRC.

  • 1986

    Dec. ZL50 loader under the brand name "Weili" passed the evaluation of Ministry of Machine-Building Industry.

    Nov. Wang Zhizhong was appointed as Director of Linyi Construction Machinery Factory.

    May. Wang Zhizhong was appointed as Secretary of the Party Committee.

  • 1987

    Dec. the company successfully developed CLJ-8A all terrain forklift truck.

    Jul. the company implemented “contract operation”, Director Wang Zhizhong signed the contract operation agreement on behalf of the company with the Administrative Office of Linyi Government.

  • 1988

    Dec. ZL40 loader was titled "Quality Product of Shandong Province".

    Nov. the company was awarded "Advanced Enterprise" of Shandong Province.

    Mar. ZL50 loader was awarded First Prize of Excellent Products of Shandong Province.

  • 1989

    Aug. the company was evaluated as 2nd-class state-owned enterprise by the Mechanical and Electrical Department.

  • 1990

    Dec. the company passed the Safety Evaluation conducted by the Mechanical and Electrical Department of PRC and became an enterprise with national-level safety.

    Aug. the company was promoted to the medium-sized (I-class) state-owned enterprise.

    Mar. the loader products were exported to Indonesia, Pakistan and other countries.

  • 1991

    Oct. ZL40 loader was evaluated as “Quality Products” by Ministry of Mechanical and Electronic Industry.

    Jan. ZL50 loader was titled "Shandong Provincial Quality Products."

  • 1992

    Dec. the company was included in “China’s Top 500 Enterprises of Best Economic Benefit” and ranked 16th in China’s machinery industry.

    Feb. the company was designated as one of the 134 pilot enterprises of Shandong Province, and fully implemented the labor contract system.

    Jan. the company was titled "Leading Enterprise of Industrial Economic Benefits".

  • 1972

    The former of SDLG, Linyi Machinery Factory was officially established.

  • 1973

    C41-400 Pneumatic Hammer was successfully developed and put into production.

  • 1974

    ZYQ-12G pneumatic loader was successfully developed and put into production.

  • 1975

    CPC general branch committee of Linyi Machinery Factory was established.

  • 1976

    Dec. Z450-3M3 loader was successfully developed.

    Nov. Shandong Linyi Machinery Factory changed its name to Shandong Linyi Mining Machinery Factory.

  • 1978

    Jul. the company made thorough adjustment on the production, business operation and management.

  • 1979

    Nov. ZL40 wheel loader was successfully developed and passed the national-level evaluation.

    Mar. the company implemented hourly wage.

  • 1980

    Apr. the company carried out Rewards and Punishment System on trial.

  • 1981

    Sept. the company carried out Above-Quota Wage System By Piece on trial and the Assessment, Rewards and Punishment Measures for the Staff.

  • 1982

    Feb. the company held the first Worker’s Conference and passed the Code of Conduct and Regulations of Economic Responsibility System.

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