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LG953 working at a construction material processing plant

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Shandong Xinlian New Construction Material Co., Ltd. mainly deals with the milling and sales of slag and water slag, and the company needs many loading machines for production. The company has made Lingong loaders and equipments as the first choice since 2006.

Mr. Bai, President of Xinlian Company, has been using Lingong loaders for a long time, “Lingong 953 has good performance and it is durable, I’m very satisfied with it after several years operation. I think that the product has 2 main advantages: one is low fuel consumption, given that each machine works continuously for 24 hours every day, it can save 3000 Yuan’s cost every month; the other is that Lingong product has many service outlets, which provides good quality service and can solve problems in time. With the development of my business, though the two machines are still rugged and work well, I need new machines. And I will still choose Lingong loaders. As they are excellent in dealing with hard materials and bulk materials, and Lingong has cooperation with Volvo, the new products of 2008 are the updated products that apply Volvo technology, so I’d like to choose Lingong products. ”

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