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SDLG motor graders ramping up road expansion works in India

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YP Deshmukh Constructions is using two SDLG motor graders G9190 for a road expansion project in India. The owner scores the G9190 high on productivity, performance and price.


Work is in full swing on a rugged and dusty stretch of a road expansion project in Maharastra, India, with SDLG motor graders G9190 leading the way. YP Deshmukh Constructions, a road construction company in India, was recently awarded sub-contracts for the prestigious NH211 Highway Project, which will improve traffic by expanding a 189 km section of the highway from two lanes to four lanes.


“We switched to SDLG motor graders a couple of years ago. Initially, we picked up one machine because we wanted to be 100% sure we got value for our money. A year later, we added one more,” said Yogiraj Deshmukh, owner of YP Deshmukh Constructions. “To survive and thrive in our business, you’ve got to have machines that do more and more for less.”


The G9190 motor grader is designed to reduce cycle time and maximize value. It features a 3,658 mm mouldboard for wider grade coverage, a down force of 8,386 kg to maximize the cut depth without front-end drift and a tractive force of 82 kN. The blade can rotate through a full 360° and incline up to 90° gradient. It is operated via the Moveable Blade Control System for excellent grading precision. The cab features wrap-around glass for enhanced visibility. And it also incorporates an ergonomic control layout and a shock-absorbent seat that minimizes vibration during operation.


“With the G9190 graders, we find ourselves consistently achieving high productivity while saving on costs. The best thing about the SDLG G9190 motor graders is you get all the performance and support you want — while smiling all the way to the bank,” Deshmukh said.


On site since August 2015, the G9190 is used for spreading and levelling of the roads. It works between eight to ten hours per day The G9190 is expected to continue works on the NH211 Highway Project for another six months.


Established in 2007, YP Deshmukh Constructions is headquartered in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. In 2010, Yogiraj Deshmukh took over the company from the founder and his father Prahlad Deshmukh. Since then, the company has expanded to a staff of 100 and seen rapid growth through delivering several challenging projects on schedule.


YP Deshmukh Constructions purchased all SDLG equipment from local dealer Svenska Technologies Pvt Ltd. Deshmukh says he appreciates Svenska Technologies’ aftermarket services and parts availability.


“SDLG G9190 motor graders offer a cutting-edge advantage in the market because they are both economical and efficient. The machine is robust, balanced and designed to deliver precision leveling no matter how hard the surface,” Deshmukh said. “If we have any maintenance issue, Svenska Technologies ensure minimum machine downtime. They are always just a call away.”


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