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Gleason Johndrow deploys SDLG wheel loaders to tackle seasonal applications

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The landscaping contractor chose SDLG L918F and L938F wheel loaders for the ease of maintenance and maneuverability needed for landscaping and snow removal.


In the past, Gleason Johndrow Landscaping and Snow Management(Gleason Johndrow), a U.S.-based contracting company, had to rent construction equipment for snow removal projects. After purchasing 12 SDLG wheel loaders, the Massachusetts-based contractor now has a fleet that can work on any seasonal work from snow removal to landscaping projects.


“Through the purchase of the SDLG wheel loaders it allowed our company to completely eliminate renting equipment for snow removal, and the affordability factor played a huge role in our decision to select SDLG,” said Anthony Gleason, president of Gleason Johndrow.


Snow removal is challenging, especially in the northeastern part of the U.S., where there’s upwards of five feet of snow fall annually. Gleason Johndrow selected five SDLG L918F compact wheel loaders because they perform particularly well in tight working quarters like parking lots and city streets. It also purchased seven L938F models, which are mid-sized loaders that work well for seasonal work like landscaping and snow removal.


“We deploy the wheel loaders for our larger-scale snow removal projects. With the machines being brand new, our repairs and maintenance costs are a lot lower,” Gleason said. “The SDLG wheel loaders have also enabled us to take on more large projects due to their reliability and increased efficiency.”


Outside of the four-month long winter season, the contracting company deploys the heavy machinery to lift materials into delivery trucks and to move materials and other equipment on landscaping sites around with ease.


“We’ve been really pleased with how the SDLG loaders have performed so far,” Gleason said. “They handled snow removal very well when we had a few big snowstorms this past winter, and they have been great to use and very reliable on the landscaping jobs we’ve worked on this summer.”


The L918F features compact wheel loader has a 1.0 yd3 general purpose bucket mounted to its skid-steer-style coupler, placing it in the compact loader category but with the versatility of skid-steer-style attachments. It also has a rated load of 2 tons, a Deutz tier 4 final certified engine, skid-steer-style hydraulic quick coupler, and full-powered third function hydraulics. 


The L938F mid-size front end loader is the perfect size for any small-to-medium contractor — it’s a true utility price-point loader. Its compact footprint makes it a maneuverable loader, and its 2.5 yd3 bucket with a 3.3-ton rated capacity is ideal for landscaping, residential building site prep, snow removal jobs and utility work like moving pipe, guardrails, gravel or backfilling holes.


Gleason Johndrow purchased its fleet of SDLG equipment from Massachusetts-based SDLG dealer Tyler Equipment. Peter Gaj, sales representative at Tyler Equipment, assessed Gleason Johndrow’s snow removal needs and suggested the two SDLG wheel loader models to help them become more profitable.


“We ran a cost-benefit analysis and compared whether it would be better to rent or purchase the machines, and together we decided it would be best if Gleason Johndrow bought the L918F and L938F wheel loaders,” Gaj said. “We ensured that there was a warranty that lasted the length of a typical lease period so that there is less they have to deal and that they would get a lot of uptime.”


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