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Compact SDLG E660FL proves mighty and powerful on Indonesian housing development

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Property developer PT Tanggamus Niaga Tama is using the newly launched SDLG E660FL mini excavator to build homes in Sumatra, Indonesia.

The newly launched SDLG mini excavator E660FL is proving it is small but mighty on a housing development in Indonesia. Property developer PT Tanggamus Niaga Tama is using the E660FL mini excavator to build new houses in Lampung province in Sumatra, Indonesia.

“Indonesia’s urbanization is growing rapidly, and companies need versatile machines that can work within tight space constraints,” said Deky Asitky, director of PT Tanggamus Niaga Tama. “The SDLG E660FL mini excavator may be small but it has proven its mightiness on site, and it is perfect for our work.”

On site since July 2019, the E660FL works about eight hours a day, preparing the land for the housing development in Tanggamus Lampung at Tanggamus Regency. The E660FL excavator also helps with drainage and landscaping works.

“I am very satisfied with the purchase of the SDLG E660FL excavator. Despite having to work with hard materials like stones, the E660FL has proven its strength,” Asitky said. “Fuel consumption has also reduced and its bigger bucket makes work easier. It is very affordable yet reliable.”

The 6 ton-rated E660FL is powered by a 38.3 kW engine and has a bucket capacity of 0.22 m3. The compact excavator features a reinforced four-valve structure and multistate air intake filter to provide reliable performance in a wide range of climates and environment.

The E660FL is also available with an optional X1 hydraulic function that allows hydraulic rock breakers and other attachments to be used with the machines. Hydraulic breakers are suited for breaking rocks, asphalt and other hard surfaces found in general construction applications. Optional rubber track pads are also available to allow the units to work on asphalt or concrete without damaging the road surface.

“As a machine operator, it is very important for us to be comfortable operating the machine as it helps to increase efficiency,” said Ringgo, machine operator at PT Tanggamus Niaga Tama. “I love operating the E660FL as it is very easy to use. The joystick response is fast, the excavator is easy to operate, and the cabin is very comfortable. That’s just the most ideal excavator.”

Established in 2016, PT Tanggamus Niaga Tama is a property developer based in Sumatra. The company purchased the SDLG E660FL excavator from PT Indotruck Utama, SDLG’s distribution partner in Indonesia.

The simple design of SDLG wheel loaders and their cost-effectiveness have made them popular for load-and-carry operations of various kinds around the world.

“Apart from the reliability of the machine, I have to give credit to PT Indotruck Utama as well. They are always ready to help and we can always count on them as they are very responsive and reliable — just like the E600FL,” Asitky said.

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