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Report Information Acceptance Instructions

It is the duty of each company to take its social responsibility, act in good faith, conduct anti-fraud measures, and to promote the healthy development of the country’s business civilization, and it is also an important criterion for SDLG to work consistently and earnestly.

In order to promote a healthy ethos, strengthen the business supervision and ensure the sustainable, stable and healthy development of its business operations, SDLG handles complaints or reports from all sectors of the society.  Any person can submit a complaint either in person or through telephone, mail, Email, internet, etc.. Please refer to the annex for the details of the scope, means, procedures and policies of the complaint information.

To protect the rights and interests of the whistleblowers, your personal information will be treated confidentially, the Supervision Office affiliated to the Discipline Inspection Commission will arrange a specialist to handle the data and information and directly report to the company’s Party Secretary and the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission. The company will award the whistleblower if the report is authentic and meets the company’s policy.

In addition to submitting a report online, there are a variety of other report channels, including:

Email: jubao@sdlg.com.cn

Telephone: 0539-8785675,  0539-8785615

Mailbox: Supervision Office, Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery (SDLG), Linyi Economic Development Zone, Linyi City, Shandong Province

SDLG Discipline Inspection Commission 

May 2018

Annex: SDLG Whistleblowing Management System

Make a report

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